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Jeremy’s Christmas Wish – Questions & Activities

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1. If you were given the school assignment to write a letter to Mr. C., what would you put in your letter?

2. If you were in Jeremy’s shoes, what would you choose to have around you for your own amusement and recreation?

3. This story was written and published a few years back. When you read the list of what Jeremy has to entertain himself – what should be added if the story were updated to today?

4. If Jeremy had so many “things,” why do you think he was unhappy?

5. How is the Smudgins family different from the Pimlico family?

6. We see the excitement of the Smudgins family as they prepare for and enjoy Christmas. What are some of the things you most enjoy doing in your family as you celebrate Christmas (or another special winter holiday)?

7. How is Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol similar to (and different from) Jeremy’s Christmas Wish?

8. Do you agree with Mr. C. that a book is a good way in which to experience some adventures? If you were to choose a book for Jeremy, which one would you have given him?


1. Find a recipe for gingerbread and, with an adult’s help, make some gingerbread ornaments for a Christmas tree.

2. With friends – or others in your family – decorate a Christmas tree entirely with homemade decorations. (Check page 26 of Jeremy’s Christmas Wish for ideas but you’ll find others in the arts and crafts section of a school or public library.)

3. View or read a version of A Christmas Carol. Then form a group and put on a skit that will tell the story (or part of the story). You might want to use some simple costumes and props – the way the Smudgins do.

4. In a group, plan and present a skit showing your favorite part of Jeremy’s Christmas Wish.

5. Illustrate your favorite scene in the novel.